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Not just a day, for life.

Our mission is to educate the world on the special attributes of those with Down Syndrome and raise awareness on how people with Down Syndrome play a vital role in the lives of everyone they meet and in the communities in which they live. 

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The globe signifies the celebration of Down syndrome in every part of the world; especially in Hummelstown, PA, our small little community with such large offerings for support and success for individuals with Down syndrome.

The date of March 21st symbolizes the 21st day of the 3rd month and was selected to signify the triplication of the 21st chromosome which is Down syndrome. 


Tops Soccer

A soccer program for children with special needs ages 5-21 years old. TOPS plays at Keller Field in Hummelstown on Sundays throughout the year. 

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Hershey Heroes
Special Hockey

This program teaches individuals with physical and cognitive challenges to ice skate and play hockey. They skate at Hersheypark Arena on Saturday afternoons in the Fall and Winter.

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Lower Dauphin HS
Best Buddies

Part of a global volunteer movement that creates 1:1 friendships, integrated employment, leadership development and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


Hershey HS
Trojan Buddies

Designed after the global Best Buddies program and managed through Hershey High School to provide unique experiences with individuals. 

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Where the funds go

our values

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Inclusion Lives Here

Our goal is to foster a sense of community where individuals with disabilities are valued, appreciated and included. 

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Down-Right Awesome

Spend some time with an individual with Down syndrome and you will see just how awesome they are. 

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Designer Genes

Yes, having an extra 21st chromosome is unique and rare, just like a custom pair of designer jeans.

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Nothing Down About It

Don't feel down on their diagnosis. We invite you to see the beauty these individuals bring to our world. 

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Extra Chromosome.

Extra Special.

Extra Love. 

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I can!

You'd be surprised at what those with Down syndrome CAN do! The possibilities are endless, especially with support from YOU!

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